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Deals and Steals: All You Need is Cash

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  Deals and Steals goes a bit country this time out, with a whole lot of the Man in Black with just a bit of blackened metal. All prices $US, shipping was $6.99.

 Johnny Cash – American Recordings, Unchained, The Man Comes Around, A Hundred Highways, Ain’t No Grave. Otherwise known as the entire American Series, collectively purchased at Second Spin for $32.96. The only missing title, American III: Solitary Man, showed up at The Beat Goes On for me the same week for $9.99. Cash’s late-period tales of retribution, regret and redemption are a must-have for anyone even mildly curious about this fascinating musician.

Also headed my way this month:

  Skeletonwitch – Beyond the Permafrost and Breathing the Fire, $7.99 for the pair. Deathly fun with serious riff chops. Have you seen this amazing artwork before?

Blackguard – Firefight $7.99. French Canada’s fast n’ frilly response to Children of Bodom. They put on a heck of a set at Heavy MTL 2011.

Album Review – Jeff Walker und Die Flüffers “Welcome to Carcass Cuntry” 2006

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  Anyone expecting the other shoe to drop or the punchline to reveal itself is in for a surprise on this buried treasure. This collection of ostensibly straight-faced country tracks performed by Carcass’ main man (and bandmates ranging from his usual suspects to most members of Amorphis) turns out to be just that. Walker does drop the odd death growl or momentary blast beat into the proceedings, but it’s always in the interest of atmosphere and expression rather than sending up the source material. He’s chosen his backers well, as the Finns seem to naturally get the potential for despair and black comedy that American country music provides.

It doesn’t always work – “The Man Comes Around” is a bit longer and more ponderous than it needs to be, but Walker deserves full marks for doing anything Cash and coming out alive on the other side. Other tracks fare better, as “I Just Dropped In (to See what Condition My Condition was In)” takes on an air of psychedelic menace and “Once a Day” maintains its heart-rending simplicity. The real party and money shot is saved for album closer “Keep On Rocking in the Free World”, where the Flüffers really let their guitar mastery wail. The axe work on this track alone gives this record legitimacy in any rock genre and lets it stand pretty damn close to the original version.

Solid material, and far better than the novelty-packaged premise. 8 out of 10

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