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Album Review – Divine Heresy “Bringer of Plagues” 2009

Posted in Album Reviews, Sevens to Nines with tags , , , , on January 27, 2010 by Lightning Slim

I had big plans to play this review off the one I already did for Arkaea’s Years in the Darkness, make some lame jokes like “Begun, these Fear Factory Wars have” and build in a lead-up to an eventual review of Mechanize.

Divine Heresy put the kibosh on that by delivering something other than the expected guitar/drum blasts in cybernetic lockstep. Sure, Bringer of Plagues has the jack hammer rhythms, but the tones often roam far and wide, occasionally reaching as far as the Middle East. Swap out Travis Neal’s screamo for something more guttural and you’re approaching Behemoth territory. Despite the urban industrial pedigree, DH 2010 are pushing some Black Metal. Neal uses the better portions of his parent style to inject a youthful Anselmo-like energy into the proceedings, and the results are quite pleasing even if it doesn’t have the magic of Fear Factory’s heyday or their ability to explore the mid-tempo or drop a hook into the chorus.

 Bleed the Fifth was never a big listen for me (it was always a bit too Life of Agony on speed), but Bringer of Plagues marks a considerable upgrade to the talent and the possibilities of the project. 7 out of 10

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