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Album Review – Dark Tranquillity “We Are the Void” 2010

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  Dark Tranquillity’s 2007 release Fiction was very well received, and therefore a hard act to follow. Taking a leaf from the book of their Gothenburg brothers In Flames, DT have  given us more of the same good stuff.  We Are the Void bears much the same relationship to its predecessor as Reroute to Remain does to Clayman, taking the same songwriting ideas and recording techniques and running with them largely unchanged,  serving up slightly shorter and simpler songs delivered at a crisp, professional pace with a strong thematic and tonal unity amongst the tracks.
Opening with surgical slasher “Shadow in Our Blood”, followed by pounder “Dream Oblivion”, the Swedish sextet manage to maintain the line of tension throughout the record. Even when operating at differing tempos, the band hold firmly to the thread of our listening attention right up to the droning fade-out of sleepy, Fear-Factory style closer “Iridium”. Alas, current market forces dictate that all releases must have bonus tracks, so we only have a few seconds to appreciate the album’s true ending before we’re hit with a couple of decent B-sides, number and selection depending on your geographic location and/or method of purchase.
The inimitable Martin Popoff has pointed out that Master of Puppets is essentially a remake/sequel to Ride the Lighting, and that there’s nothing wrong with that. We Are the Void works the same way, striking no new iron but fixing none of the perfectly unbroken concepts we’ve been enjoying since Fiction. 8 out of 10  

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