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Deals & Steals: Old (Medieval) School

Posted in Deals & Steals with tags , , , , on February 29, 2012 by Lightning Slim

  Occasionally, hidden among the tons and tons of gospel music and copies of Dance Mix ’97 at my local Value Village I find a rare gem, or at least a decent deal. Last week, a factory-fresh American Idiot turned up, and this time I doubled my fun:

Faith No More – The Real Thing $2.99. The big breakthrough record for these true innovators.

Mediæval Bæbes – The Rose $2.99. My hometown is such a strange place. Sometimes I think it’s hicksville, but then I find feminist/traditional/pop/madrigal albums at the ValVil.

  I also recently had a beer with a friend who was divesting himself of Kreator’s Endless Pain and Pleasure to Kill for $8 apiece. It’s a mystery why he would want rid of the two best Teutonic thrash records of all time, but I wasn’t going to argue. I smell a Classic Album Review!

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