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The Shaming: Ten Reasons I Should Have My Metal Card Revoked

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Just in time for the holidays, I give you a gift: humiliation.

As music fans, we all have guilty pleasures. But some transgressions are beyond the average youthful exuberance of a Fear of the Dark picture disc or a genuinely curious Fade to Bluegrass country Metallica tribute. I’m not talking about non-metal but still rocking bands like the Foo Fighters or They Might Be Giants, either. The following releases are in my record collection in physical form (not just a random Itunes download; hello LMFAO!). They are also, to varying degrees, shameful. Enjoy!

10. Lords of Acid – Lust. Porno Techno – what could go wrong? Hindsight renders this super-cringeworthy.

9.Coldplay – A Rush of Blood to the Head. I don’t remember when or why I bought this. Because I took drugs to forget.

8. Anthony Stewart Head – Music for Elevators. I’m a huge Buffy fan. I even have the soundtrack to the musical episode; which is quite good. Then, I got a little too meta and ordered this:

An ugly business. Testosterone shots were required.

7. Lee Aaron – Slick Chick . This the first of her jazz albums. You heard me. “Hey Slim – you got some old Lee Aaron stuff. Metal Queen – Yeahhhh! What’s this, then. Oh.”

6. Flyleaf –S/T. Ugh. Like a Muppet Babies version of Hole. With Jesus.

5. Kylie Minogue – Fever. In my defense – she’s hot and the song’s message is true. It won’t get out of your head. It’s also tremendously amusing next to Ministry on my shelf.

Here’s a remix, because I bought the DOUBLE DISC version and my shame is endless:

4. Sarah McLachlan – Every goddamn thing. I had a crush; it was a phase.

This isn't all of them. There were also posters and T-shirts. Note who the "neighbours" are.

This isn’t all of them. There were also posters and T-shirts. Note who the “neighbours” are.

Silver lining: thanks to this self-excoriation exercise, I found this:

Hey, does anyone else have an urge to donate to their local animal shelter?

3. And during that same period in my life (a period I now refer to as The Time I Misplaced My Balls For Awhile) I obtained this:


Yup. Those are most certainly the autographs of Canadian acapella indie band Moxy Früvous. Talented folks, very entertaining, but badasses perhaps not.

2. L’ensemble Cercamon – Blau. So I used to work at a Renaissance Faire. So I got into some of the performances. Swords are metal. Jousting is metal. Ale and mead are metal. Why can’t this be metal?

I also have several Medieval Bæbes records and and an album where a harpist covers Sting. So go to hell.

1. I’m not even going to speak the name. I’m just going to leave this, and say that there was a time when there was way too much of this:

I'm on some sort of FBI list just for doing this.

I’m on some sort of FBI list just for doing this.

There’s my deal. I double dog dare you to join me. What do you have that’s bad? And I don’t mean early Manowar bad, I mean watched the Grease episode of Glee with your Mom bad. Hit the comments with your shameful confessions!

Album Review – Delerium “Voice: An Acoustic Collection” 2010

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  The prolific Messrs Leeb and Fulber have given me much joy over the years, so it is with sorrow that I must condemn this shameful cash-grab. Presented as “acoustic” versions of electronic music tracks, these selections are designed to take full advantage of Delerium’s latter-day relationship with a number of female session vocalists and pop stars.

It’s an intriguing prospect, but it all falls a bit flat. The FLA family contains some of the world’s most skilled producers of lush soundscapes and multi-layered tracks, but they are not earth shattering songwriters. Stripping these songs of all that technical wizardry reveals most of them to be little more than passable cafe worldbeat jazz. Listeners may also feel a bit cheated in that the vocal tracks have largely been lifted directly from the source albums without re-recording them. It’s nice to hear worldwide mega-hit “Silence” unplugged but a bit of a bummer to have Sarah Mclachlan’s decade-old performance pasted onto it. Old chestnut “Flowers Become Screens” is the exception to this trend, with Kristy Thirsk providing an angle fresh enough to make us forget the lack of subterranean bass.

Three new full-strength electronic tracks are also included, more or less in the same lighter style as 2006’s Nuages du Monde, and therefore less than memorable. If any Delerium completists have room left on their shelves after the flurry of remixes, compilations and re-issues the band put out over the past few years, that may be the only chance Voice has to find a home.  4 out of 10

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