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Deals & Steals: That’s a Lotta Vikings!

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220px-Battle_Sluts  Bit of a Nordic influence this time out (again!), and certainly some good tunes found at good prices. This first lot was found at Second Spin:

Leaves Eyes – Vinland Saga $8.99. Moody conceptual stuff about Leif Eriksson’s travels and exploration.

Soilwork – Stabbing the Drama $8.99. Slowly filling in my back catalogue of these Gothenburgers and In Flames BFFs.

At the Gates – Slaughter of the Soul $4.49. Speaking of Gothenburg, there wasn’t an identifiable scene until this album melted everyone’s faces.

Dark Tranquillity – Character $2.49. One of their best.

Destroy Destroy Destroy – Battle Sluts $5.00. Actually an American band. But that title! Sounds like Cradle of Filth meets Manowar. Perfect touring partner for 3iob.

Not Viking but a bit Scottish (and awesome):

Murder Inc. – Locate Subvert Terminate: The Complete Murder Inc. $3.99. So nice to hear a remaster of this marvelous Killing Joke side project with Chris Connelly. Behold, Scot-industrial rap:

And in the super-bargain category, some finds from the local thrift store. Each were only one or two bucks apiece!

Green Day – American Idiot. Overplayed? True. Overplayed because actually very good? Also true.

Promonium Jesters – Time and Place. I once saw these Ontario industrialists open for Hanzel und Gretyl. Their recorded output has a steal-from-the-best quality to it, including some spot-on Skinny Puppy influence.

220px-The_Mix  Kraftwerk – The Mix. Worth it just to find out I’ve been singing the chorus wrong all these years. Still, fun fun fun!


Deals and Steals: Heaven, Hell and the Dirt and Metal Between

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  This month’s shipment of used goodies is all about the mighty Dio, with some contributions from Soilwork.  All prices $US.

Heaven and Hell – The Devil You Know $6.29. Sabbath Mark II marches on, and the world is better for it.

Dio – Stand Up and Shout: The Anthology $12.59. Two discs with all of the man’s phases in effect, including some Rainbow and Elf tracks. Great booklet with notes aplenty by RJ himself.

Soilwork – Natural Born Chaos and Figure Number Five $5.59 apiece. The band’s two best at the right price.

Century Media X: 10th Anniversary Collection $11.89 One disc of North America, one of Europe and one rarities. Nothing big I don’t already have on albums, but the lure here is the gorgeous full-colour pocket book stuffed with pictures and memories from the Century Media staff. People after my own black heart!

I’ve never really devoted a lot of time and space to Dio other than his work with Sabbath, but I’m really happy that with the help of this  Rhino compilation I can say I’m done collecting for now. That is, unless he pulls out all the stops and writes another Heaven and Hell.

Walk Away!

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