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Derby Nerd Predicts Battle Royale in Weekend Showdown

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Hey all, be sure to head on over to the Derby Nerd’s blog and check out his breakdown of the coming confrontation between the Tri-City Thunder and CN Power from TORD. It’s all right here:

He is a thorough, thorough man. Here’s what he’s talking about:

I can barely wait to call this one!

Thunder Win Streak Halted by Sexpos

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 photo by Midnight Matinee

All good things must eventually end, and Montreal proved once again to be a stumbling block on the path of Thunder’s journey to derby domination with a 115-46 win over the TCRG squad.

The August 28 bout, A Fistful of Brawlers, saw Montreal’s second-tier travel team the Sexpos head west to make things wild. Given MTLRD’s meteoric rise up the WFTDA standings it’s safe to say that this “B Team” would be comfortable against almost anyone. Thunder’s ferocity and determination not to be subdued by their erstwhile mentors made things a very entertaining evening. My announcing duties were shared with Plastik Patrik, who made my life easier not only with his tremendous play-by-play skills but also by looking so good in an Evel Kinevel-style jumpsuit that I didn’t have to think about  putting mine on.

Also making my life easier: a fabulous, detailed examination of the proceedings over at Derby Spotlight. Thanks, Joe Mac!

Next up for TCRG – a double-header of oceanic proportions!

August Action Update

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  After taking a couple of weeks to gain a level in badassery, the ladies of TCRG will be returning to action this August.

On the 21st Thunder (and Doma the Shark of Domination) will travel to Syracuse, NY in an opening bid to extend Shark Week well into Xmas. Their opponents will be the A-team of Assault City, so if you have American relatives to introduce to derby or feel like a duty-free weekend you should follow the sound of Thunder.

Scarcely one week later Thunder return to their beloved K-dubs in “A Fistful of Brawlers”, a rematch against the Montreal Sexpos – best known for taking the victory in Thunder’s inaugural bout two years ago. You need to be there on the day to find out just how much times have changed, and blind the enemy with the beaming of your TCRG pride!

See you in the Suicide Seats,


Double Header in the Hammer Awaits

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I’d try to plug this further, but I think the sweet poster says it all.

While we realize not everyone can make the trip down to Steeltown, be sure to make the time to pencil us in for August 28 as Thunder takes on the Montreal Sexpos!

Thunder 72, Furies 51: Cruise a Success, Bruises Gained

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There was a point about 12 minutes into the second half of last night’s Cruisin’ for a Bruisin’ bout between Thunder and the Lake Effect Furies of QCRG where, for about three or four jams, both teams threw discipline to the wind and left scoring off the menu. Physical punishment was served up on both sides, and guest announcer Mason Stone and I were at a loss to describe the action as quickly as it was happening. For every Jill Standing takeout on B.J Harmstrong there was an instantaneous response as Vajenna Warrior put some hip into Skate Pastor. Thunder had the most to lose from these exchanges, as they held the lead and the Furies were attempting to change their fortunes by shaking things up. They didn’t seem sure how to counter Thunder’s pack control and were determined to hit their way out.

New line combinations were important in getting Thunder into that second half with the lead intact. Stacie Jones, Freudian Whip and Lilith NoFair were required to play larger roles, and all of them stepped up to the challenge. Pairing NoFair with Anita Martini and Whip with Jill Standing allowed Thunder to exploit the depth they have at the pivot position and roll consecutive lines with heavy defensive coverage.

Once they had stopped taking the bait to trade hit for hit in the early second half, Thunder locked things down. Penalty trouble for the Furies (Holly Lulu an unfortunate frequent flier) sealed the deal.

It was an altogether riveting experience, and when these two teams meet again I intend to be first in line.

Dance Partners: It got so pinball-y, you could pick any pair of opposite numbers and dollars to doughnuts they hit each other hard in this one.


Clouds Part for Demonstration Bout

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Despite rain in the morning and evening, the girls of Tri-city manged to sneak in a successful outdoor demonstration bout at 5pm on Saturday in front of a large and Tri-curious crowd. Traditional rivalries were put aside for temporary rosters as Team Ninja took on the Karate Kids.

photo by Thomas Beckett

Two periods of solid (and largely penalty-free) play by both teams resulted in a Ninja victory and some food for coaching thought as new linemates created new opportunities on both sides.

After the game, TCRG’s newest fans were treated to some skating skills on display, including a 5-body jump by Konky. Thanks to everyone who attended. If you liked what you saw, there’s a lot more where that came from – stick with us!

Next bout: July 10 at New Hamburg – Thunder vs. the Lake Effect Furies of Queen City*


* Buffalo. No, really.

Disciplined Second Half Gives Thunder High-Flying Result

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Thunder took their first home bout of the season 87-66 in a see-saw battle with Rochester’s RocStars containing plenty of surprising old-school action.

Much of the first half of Glam Slam was spent with three or fewer points separating the two teams, but pack speed control by Thunder and a rash of RocStar penalties in the second finally tipped the scale. Cellblock Bettie proved that high-risk jump-jamming sometimes has its rewards by celebrating her first penalty-free bout, and Kitty Krasher skated some critical (and crowd-pleasing) jams to push the Thunder lead out of reach.

The Roc City squad made their presence known on the physical side, trying a bait-and-strike strategy on the Thunder jammers using Lethal Lorelei as the hammer. This created some inconsistent but occasionally spectacular jammer takeouts. Happily, nothing more than ice and bandages were deployed by medical staff on-site.

Dance Partners: Speedy water bug Toxin Dioxin had a tremendous game for Roc City, but her collisions with Gunmoll Mindy may have created a more lasting impression with the fans.

Next Game: July 10 @ New Hamburg – Thunder continue their border defence against the Lake-Effect Furies of Buffalo. Still skeptical of this whole Roller Revival thing? Try the free Derby Demonstration next Saturday at Waterloo Public Square. TCRG will make you believe!

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