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Album Review – Evanescence “Evanescence” 2011

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  Evanescence, whose name really just constitutes a shorter way of saying “Amy Lee and the Whoevers”, continue to have difficulty recapturing the spirit of Fallen.* Evanescence the record (and aren’t we all a bit suspicious of mid-career self-titles?) plods down the predictable path of ponderous goth rock, a bland concoction of Lilith Fair and nu-metal that’s hard to screw up but even harder to bring to life, so to speak. I want to like this, and I’m not slapping it with a Do Not Buy, but I’m having difficulty finding anything memorable in the risk-free material.

Evanescence, band and album, aren’t horrible, but both do a piss-poor job of justifying their own existence, basically only succeeding at A) extending the lifespan of a fancy Latin word that most folks didn’t know before, and B) acting as a radio-injected gateway drug for bands like Lacuna Coil, who are doing this sort of thing so much better. 5.5 out of 10

*Of course, Lee’s former bandmates haven’t done well on their own, either.

Deals and Steals: Metal North American Style

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  Multiple entries for each band this time, all from the US of A or Canadia. Shipping was on Second Spin this time, courtesy of a promo code they gave me for screwing up the last one. This order shipped from their facility in Illinois instead of California – advantage IL as everything came in its original jewel case rather than bubble wrap around the naked disc.

Hanzel und Gretyl – Zwanzig Zwölf $7.19, Scheissmessiah! $6.39. I wonder what Tim Skold, who has been in both KMFDM and Marilyn Manson, would think of these self-proclaimed “Fukken Über” fetishists?

Three Inches of Blood – Fire Up the Blades $7.19, Here Waits Thy Doom $5.59. Yes, I know the last one is slower. Still the most appropriate soundtrack to Conan’s best-in-life mantra.

  Devildriver – The Fury of Our Maker’s Hand $10.39, The Last Kind Words $7.19, Pray for Villains $10.39. DD came along when I was suffering from band fatigue, so I was never on board. I missed a lot of good stuff! Fury and Villains are special editions with DVD.

We Are the Fallen – Tear the World Down $6.39. Review is here!

See you next time – stay heavy!

Album Review – We Are the Fallen “Tear the World Down” 2010

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  It was clear from her American Idol performances that Carly Smithson was gunning for Amy Lee’s job, and as far as Tear the World Down is concerned, it’s pretty much mission accomplished. Large portions of this record would pass a blind taste-test when placed side-by-side with the original Fallen, from which this project quite deliberately takes its name.
The trouble is, Smithson’s bandmates and Evan-exiles are less successful at delivering a punchy, relevant and satisfying piece of work. The concepts and sounds are great…for 2003. It works, but only in a Ripper-Priest sort of way. To Ben Moody I say this: in a post-Apocalyptica world your string section is going to have to work a bit harder than this.
We Are the Fallen’s material would definitely flinch first in a Mexican standoff with Nightwish and In This Moment. Only a valid option for those who really miss the Big E. 5 out of 10

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