Play the Musical Spawn Game

Let’s face it, there’s nothing new under the sun. Everyone is a product of their influences. I like to play a game with my friends called “Spawn” which has nothing whatsoever to do with the really overblown mid-90’s comic book.

What we do is express a band or song as a simple equation. Here’s one: Amon Amarth = Bolt Thrower + Manowar.

Or: Pitchshifter = Godflesh + Sex Pistols + The Prodigy. Subtraction is also possible: Chrome Division – Motley Crue = Sentenced, although that’s really just an inversion of the way Chrome was formed. Here’s a better one: Killswitch Engaged – Biohazard = Himsa.

Try to be creative; using bands with pre-established connections is cheating a bit, so no Soulfly/Sepultura or Carcass/Arch Enemy equations. Unless they’re awesome.  

Go ahead and do this with your friends, and put some good ones here if you feel like sharing. It’s not Serious Business, so have fun with it.


7 Responses to “Play the Musical Spawn Game”

  1. glassbane Says:

    Malhavoc >= (Led Zeppelin + The Rolling Stones) * H. P. Lovecraft / the inverse square of (Black Sabbath + Skinny Puppy)

  2. Mrs. Slim Says:

    Sigue Sigue Sputnik = KMFDM + Shonen Knife, with maybe a pinch of the Ramones.

  3. Prong + Godflesh = Skinlab

  4. In Flames + Machine Head = Devildriver

  5. Rammstein + GWAR = Hanzel und Gretyl

  6. Pantera + Machine Head = Lamb of God

  7. Berzerker = Nailbomb + Atari Teenage Riot + Slipknot

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